Sunday, June 24, 2007

Something I wrote while waiting at JFK for my flight back to BKK.

JFK, Terminal 7. Check-in takes away my guitar because it won’t fit in an Airbus 340 cabin, and security my Poland Springs water because Polish water is dangerous unless it costs $3 at shops inside the terminal. Duty free for a friend, a final American coffee served with a bad joke by the kind of girl I never realized I missed. She was beautiful and it was a house coffee. She asked if I wanted anything else with it, like maybe a car, and laughed at me when I said maybe just steamed milk.

Now I’m sitting at Gate 4, waiting for everyone else to board so I don’t have to wait in line, and wondering whether I’m leaving home, or going home…

Maybe it’s a little of both.


Blogger Akhin said...

Dan, This is Akhin(HCD,Cornell's Kimball Hall,Thai Restaurant) from Ithaca. I somehow while surfing the net saw your blog and so glad I did. I will be in BKK in August 07 I'd like to meet you there.
my email address is
what is your?

1:38 AM  

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